About Emily

photo by george lange Photo: George Lange

I’m Emily Grace.  I help actors get in the driver’s seat of their career with marketing plans that work.  I am also an actor myself, so I get the actor’s mindset, struggles, fear, doubt and anxiety. And what I’ve learned in my years of experience in the entertainment industry is that talent is an amazing gift to have, but it actually isn’t the most important ingredient to acting success.

So what is the most important ingredient?  It’s marketing.  It’s business savvy.  It’s having a plan that gets results, and putting that plan into persistent action long enough for it to get results.

I’ve got a unique perspective – I am an actor, a writer, and a producer, and nothing has prepared me more for a life in the arts than my time working as a producer and for a producer (at the $5-$50 million dollar budget).

I love actors.  I love their courage, their passion, their determination and their heart.  But there are very few people teaching actors what they truly need to know to act for a living – and that is how to be a good business person.

I teach actors how to think like a producer, so they can act for a living.

Yes, you want to be creative, free, and fulfilled.  But what good is your acting talent if no one knows about you?  It’s time to get out of acting class and into the business where offers are made, deals go down, and you get paid to do what you love.

If you’ve got the talent, the training, the drive and the determination, but no one took the time to teach you the business and marketing, that’s where I come in.  I’d love to help you get where you want to go with one of my powerful programs, or private coaching.

I’ll (lovingly) whip you into shape and help you take control of your career.  Whether you have representation or not, it’s your career.  I’ll help you make a plan to make it happen.

I am an award-winning actress, a writer, producer and entrepreneur.