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I earned my BFA at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Other notable teachers I have had the pleasure of studying with include the legendary Wynn Handman, Sande Shurin (author of Transformational Acting), Bob Krakower, as well as a litany of ivy league instructors Mark Wing Davey (NYU Grad Acting), Peter Francis James (Yale Drama), Paul Wagner (UCLA Grad Acting), Jackie Snow, and Madeleine Potter from my time studying Shakespeare at BADA in Oxford.

I’m also a Sundance and Deauville award winning actress for my work in the film “What Alice Found.” The first film I ever did was a starring role opposite Judith Ivey (The Devil’s Advocate) and Bill Raymond (The Wire, Michael Clayton). So that was pretty cool. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the “other side” of the table as well. From creating and co-directing a documentary film, commissioning an original one act play, producing my own content through my former production company, and working side by side with an executive film producer, I love the hustle of the entertainment industry.

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Alice seeks salvation from her dreary, small New Hampshire town by attempting to reinvent herself from a cashier at the local grocery store into a marine biologist. She begins the journey from New Hampshire to Florida in her rusted out Ford Escort.

She soon realizes, however, that life on the road ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Car trouble leads her to Sandra and Bill, an older couple travelling around the country in an RV. Sandra takes Alice in, as if she were her own daughter, and Alice happily accepts this surrogate family. But as the highway miles slowly pass, underlying motivations and intentions begin to surface.

Sundance Special Jury Prize for Artistic Merit and Emotional Truth
Deauville Grand Prixe

In Search Of

In Search OfIn Search Of, explores the lives of ten entangled characters who use sex as a vehicle to gain something out of life without thinking about the repercussions or consequences of their actions. Thought- provoking and inspiring, In Search Of comments on the sexual tendencies of today’s impulsive society.

Starring Michael Rady (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Keith Nobbs (Phone Booth), and Emily Grace (What Alice Found).
Written and directed by Zeke Zelker (Independent Dream Machine).

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BadGirl Productions

Emily is a former member and co-founder of BadGirl Productions (now defunct). At the time of it’s inception, BGP was a company of strong, independent women giving a new female voice to the entertainment community. Comprised of students of legendary Wynn Handman, creator of the American Place Theatre.

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