What is build your own buzz?

Actors who understand how to market themselves are the ones who create the most opportunities and book the most jobs, sometimes without even having to audition.

Build Your Own Buzz is an 8-week online video program to teach you exactly how to go from auditions to offers, get the industry buzzing about you, create career momentum and book the acting work you are most passionate about.

How it works

The program is released in weekly online class modules.  Each week’s class is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, resource lists, worksheets and bonus videos that will show you exactly what to do to step up your game in your acting career.

Build Your Own Buzz (BYOB) isn’t just about learning.  It’s about doing!  That’s why I’ve built in two full take-action weeks so you can put what you’re learning into practice to get results.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in build your own buzz

I want you’re learning experience to be the most fun, simple and convenient way possible.

That’s why every class is delivered in a multi-media format.  Watch and learn from your computer, ipad or iphone, or download your lessons for later.

You’ll get videos, MP3s, and PDF worksheets in one private member’s-only site.

Here’s the exact BYOB curriculum you’ll be learning:

Class one: build your marketing foundation

Marketing 101

  • What marketing is really all about (it’s not what you think)
  • Understanding essential marketing principles + why what you’ve been taught is probably all wrong.
  • Why you MUST master marketing to have a career and how to take out the “ick” factor.

What’s your story?

  • How to determine your specific acting goals (beyond the “I just want to work” generality)
  • Why this is imperative to your success.
  • How to identify what kind of stories you tell + why you need to be clear about this before you start marketing

Your ideal target market

  • Why you need it and who it should be
  • How to reverse-engineer your marketing so you are never at a loss for what to do or say
  • Why knowing this can turn your marketing from feeling gross into something you actually look forward to

BYOB Bonus: Emily-approved resources to find your target market

  • How to research the people who tell the kind of stories you do
  • Finding indie filmmakers (it’s so much easier than you think!)
  • Resources to keep track of your marketing efforts and progress.


Class two: basic marketing materials that rock

The basic marketing must-haves

  • What the heck to say, and how to say it
  • Language that will get you noticed (good!), and what will make you seem amateur (bad!)
  • What you MUST have in your marketing arsenal
  • Simple tips to creating an online presence w/out a website

The advanced marketing tools

  • The best tools for creating effective marketing pieces
  • Marketing to your strengths to stand out from the crowd
  • How to keep it simple (you don’t have to include the kitchen sink!)
  • Getting creative (and learning to actually LOVE – yes Love! Marketing)

BYOB Bonus: Emily-approved marketing material resources (that make you look goooood)

  • Postcards made simple
  • Business card resources
  • Actual examples of marketing materials that rock

Class three: mastering social media to build a buzz

Social media 101

  • Facebook, twitter, instagram, oh my. Do I really need all this stuff?
  • Setting up your twitter and facebook profiles
  • How to use social media as an actor
  • Social media do’s and dont’s
  • Why quality is better than quantity

Social media strategies for your career

  • Specific ways to use social media to LEVERAGE your career, not waste half your day
  • How to use social media to book work

BYOB Bonus: Emily-approved social media tools

  • An amazing FREE tool to manage all your social media profiles
  • Effective social media activity in 30 minutes or less a day
  • Social media bootcamp – all those technical terms you don’t understand but are too afraid to ask


Class four: websites, ezine, blogs and vlogs

Actor Websites 101

  • Actual website reviews – the good, the bad, and the “omg what were they thinking???”
  • The real point of a website (and how most people mess this up)
  • How to maximize your web presence
  • Make your website look amazing – without being a designer

Ezines and Newsletters

  • Make your email marketing look gorgeous (for free!)
  • What to say (and what not to say)
  • The number one thing you never ever do with your newsletter
  • The art of writing headlines to ensure your emails are always opened
  • Finding the right frequency – how often should you write?

Blogs and Vlogs (Video Blogs)

  • How to determine if you need one
  • Getting clear on your topic
  • Building an audience
  • An amazing tool to map out 6 months of content in one sitting
  • Finding the right frequency – how often should you post?

Class five: wooing the media

Media Coverage 101

  • The secret to making friends with the media (and why most people NEVER do this)
  • The different types of media coverage available, and what is most accessible to you now
  • How to determine the right media outlets for your career news

Creating your own press (and sounding like a pro)

  • Step by step guide to creating press that gets noticed
  • How to write for different mediums and audiences (blogs, email pitches, press releases)
  • Effective follow up to get yourself published
  • Wooing reviewers to check out your stuff

BYOB Bonus: Emily-approved press

  • Actual examples of press, pitches and guest blogs that got picked up
  • Strategies to giving a great interview and maximizing your exposure


Class six: producing your own content

Web content basics

  • Understanding what works online (and what doesn’t)
  • Biggest mistakes most content creators make and how to avoid them

Think Like A Producer

  • Setting clear and specific goals for your project
  • How to effectively hire and lead your creative team (with or without a budget)
  • Essential creative elements you can’t live without
  • Tips for working with friends – the do’s and don’ts
  • Overcoming roadblocks without freaking out or losing steam

Getting it done

  • The writing process – and overcoming resistance
  • Making a budget
  • Asking for money
  • Organizing your shoot

BYOB Bonus: Emily-approved producer resources

  • Resources for making great quality content on a shoe string budget
  • The best sites to submit your content to
  • Getting your SAG card through your project

Hold up – I’m including even MORE bonuses!

The secret to getting it all done

You’re a busy person with a hectic life.  I get it.  Sometimes the “to do list” can be overwhelming.  But unless you put these strategies into action, they won’t make a difference in your career.  That’s why I’m letting you in on the best secrets I have to getting it all done.  Knowing exactly how to do this in your own career will save you time, money and frustration and help you build a buzz fast!

How to get great quotes for your marketing

Tooting your own horn is one thing.  Having other people do it for you is great marketing.  I’ll show you exactly how to approach people to get powerful quotes to include in your marketing.

But wait! Wait for it…Yes, there is even more!

I want you to have the MOST comprehensive learning experience possible.  And, believe it or not, I don’t actually know everything.  I know a lot about marketing, but to have a successful career you need a few other tools in your tool box.

Luckily some amazing, smart and talented business buddies of mine have agreed to let you in on some of their very best secrets too…for FREE!

Bonus #1 Casting About

Casting About is my ALL TIME FAVORITE casting director research tool.  Not only do I use it myself, I recommend it to all my clients.

The creators of Casting About, Blair and Brian, have put together an insider’s look at this amazing tool to show you exactly how to use it to your advantage.

And that’s not all.  They’re going to let you try out this kicking research tool FOR FREE.


Bonus #2 Interview with Mark Gantt and Trevor Algatt

 Mark Gantt 2013Mark Gantt is an actor, writer, director and producer best known for his work in The Bannen Way. He is the Co-Writer, Executive Producer and Star of this Streamy Award Winning series.

The Sony Pictures Television and Crackle.com produced web series landed over 14 million online views in just six weeks!  The Bannen Way is distributed internationally on VOD, DVD, iTunes and Amazon as a feature film.


Trevor Algatt is a writer, producer and award-winning actor.  He is the creator, producer, and co-host of Inside Acting, a free weekly podcast featuring in-depth, unbiased interviews with industry professionals of all callings.

Inside Acting recently had the honor of recording it’s 100th episode at the SAG Foundation.


*_DonorEPK-PosterThese two multi-talented guys teamed up for the award-winning short film Donor, and are pulling back the curtain on what it really takes to successfully create your own content.

From the risks and rewards, what they know now that they wish they had known at the beginning, and all the things in between.

Donor is directed by Mark Gantt, and is written, associate produced and stars Trevor Algatt.

If you are (or are even thinking about) creating your own content, this interview is A MUST.


Bonus #3 Commercial Acting Secrets from Bill Coelius


Commercial veteran Bill Coelius has booked over 40 national commercials, and is the creator of the popular class Commercial Acting 101 (101 Things You Need To Know Before Your Audition).
From slate to set, Bill shares a carefully crafted game plan that will help you book and shoot that national commercial.
He will be sharing some of his best insider secrets to landing more commercial work.


Bonus #4 The 6 Critical Secrets to Successful Crowd Funding

Did you know that 50% of all crowd funding campaigns fail to reach their fundraising goals?  don’t let this happen to you!

If you are producing your own stuff, you will need to get the money one way or another. Find out the secrets to successful crowd funding from John Michael Scott, the founder of Indie Fund It.  John Micheal’s specialty is helping artists set and reach realistic fundraising goals.  He even helped Mark Gantt’s campaign for the indie feature The Night Visitor surpass their goal by a few thousand bucks.  Not too shabby!

Plus I’ll be there to help you

Exclusive facebook group

Connect with your fellow classmates in this rocking community of like-minded actors.  You’ll get to meet and network with your current and past BYOB peers.  Share resources, ask questions, get help with your assignments, meet for drinks.  BYOB graduates report this is one of their favorite perks of the program.  Best part?  It’s lifetime access!

New Year’s Eve LIVE coaching call

Ring in the New Year grounded, centered and ready to make it happen.  I’ll coach you live on New Year’s Eve, start you off with a powerful meditation, plus answer any and all questions you need support with.  Get clarity on your goals, clear out the old, and get ready to welcome the new with this powerful group coaching call.

Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to party in style after 🙂

Two full take-action weeks

Knowing what you should do is not the same as actually doing it.  Part of this program includes time for you to implement!  The only way to get results is by taking action.  And BYOB is designed to get you out of your head and into the game – where the magic happens 🙂

Private members-only website

Get all your Build Your Own Buzz videos, assignments, bonuses and recordings in one convenient, password protected site.

Lifetime access

Once you join the BYOB family, you’re in it for life.  Not only do you get lifetime access to our facebook group and the BYOB material, you also get all future program updates…FREE!  Both the internet and the entertainment industry are constantly changing.  And Build Your Own Buzz was designed to be updated on an as-needed-basis.  The access to all future program updates, by itself, makes it worth the price of enrollment.

Still not totally sure?  Test drive build your own buzz for 14 days, 100% risk free

I want to help you take your acting career to the next level. That’s why I invite you to fully participate in the course for 14 days,  and if you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.  Just to be clear, by “fully participate” I mean “actually do the work.”

You have until November 24 to request a refund.  After that, no refund requests will be taken, no exceptions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I require your completed homework from all available classes before I refund your money. Why? Because I know that if you do the work, you’ll get results.  If you do the work and don’t get value, then I will give you your money back, simple as that.

Choose the best payment option:

Pay in Full $497

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3 Payments of $197

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Payments billed every 21 Days 


“The very first program I took with Emily was Auditions to Offers, and now I’m standing out from the crowd.My managers submitted my brand new demo reel for a film role and they offered me the part.#NoAuditionNecessary”

-Carlease Burke



“I have gotten more done in the last two months than…probably ever.”

-Kelli Ambrose




“Everyone always tells you that the odds are against you, the statistics are ridiculous, there are SO many people trying to do the same thing you are – You have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do of making acting a career… Right, there are TONS of people you’re competing against, but it becomes less daunting when you realize that MOST of those people probably aren’t employing those necessary business and marketing strategies and doing so consistently. Once YOU do, you WILL see results, you WILL realize that pool of competition becomes much smaller and that THIS SH*T ACTUALLY WORKS!

-Nicole Vogt-Lowell

After following Emily’s plan of attack on agents I am signing with a really major commercial agency. They were number one on my list. And through this process a manager also wants to work with me”

-Lucas Van Engen



“I feel more in charge of my career, and I feel like I have a better grip of the building blocks I need to establish the right relationships to get me in the right doors.  The bonus content is great.  The material is great.  I’d probably say my favorite thing is that the material is ours to use forever. Build Your Own Buzz gave me the focus I needed to figure out where, how and why to take my career.   Thanks, Emily.  Like, a lot.”

-Michael Scalzitti

It sounds ridiculous, but I had no idea that you could just ask for things.  I found Emily via Twitter, just like the BYOB “Twitter Basics” video teaches you to build contacts through social media.  It really works!  If I didn’t just ask Emily for advice/knowledge/what she could offer me and my career, then I never would’ve found BYOB and I would still be going to tons and tons of auditions that don’t do anything for my career. Build Your Own Buzz taught me how to find auditions and projects that focus on quality rather than quantity.

-Sarah Halford

“I was all geeked out having completed my one press release…then got a call from a local paper and almost panicked!  Not sure if it’s in the BYOB materials, but if it isn’t add: ‘After you follow these steps, be prepared for calls.’  Thanks Emily!”

-Lisann Valentin



“After taking Build Your Own Buzz, I have more focus, more determination and fire under me!  The online program is stellar.  So is the Q&A and ability to reach Emily via the facebook group.  I have learned marketing strategies that were vague in my mind at best – it was like having a kick in the butt that I needed to get.

-Deborah Finkel


“I’ve been able to identify some huge gaps in my marketing. I work really, really hard at marketing, and this has helped me get very specific about both the targets and the content. So now I’m working hard and smart.   I’ve got more ideas about how to approach people I might have never thought of approaching.  I’m a big fan of actionable steps. When you get to the end of a module, it’s great to hear, “Here is a specific action you can take to put this into practice now.” That’s gold.”

-David Harper

“I have really seen my communication skills improve after BYOB.  I am able to be more specific about what I want – which is the key to furthering my career.  I have already started to create more than ever before, and BYOB helps me push my creativity level even further.  I love the facebook group, the call ins, and the modules – they are all a great package and help me daily!  I would recommend Build Your Own Buzz to anyone that is serious about wanting to discover themselves as an artist and propel further in “showbizzness.”  I would like to say it has been awesome!!”

-Josh Margulies

“Instead of being all over the place and not knowing if I should be jumping on every casting that comes in, I’m more focused on what I need to be doing and feeling more confident! Less overwhelmed!   The thing I liked best was how accessible Emily was during and even after BYOB.  The FB page has been a great addition.  Just being able to connect with others who are in a similar place, career wise and who are all moving forward with a similar action plan. It’s great to be able to network and bounce ideas back and forth.  There is so much to waste time on and so much wrong information. I have a background in PR & know the importance, just didn’t know the right approach for this industry. Now, I can eliminate so much garbage and push through to what I need to be doing to advance my career!”

-Robynn Lin Fredericks


“Build Your Own Buzz is helping with that “spaghetti syndrome” I’ve had as well as given me powerful organizational tools to stay on track.  I no longer feel like I have to conquer the world…like in the next 10 minutes, and I don’t feel overwhelmed.  I know what I need to do next.  I would definitely recommend BYOB.  It will help keep the career momentum going.  When the ball gets dropped, whether be for a family emergency or other reasons, I feel like I fail.  So continuing the learning curve as well as applying it to the things I’m working on is extremely helpful.  The information contained in BYOB also helps demystify building an internet presence for advertising as well as providing great examples of what works and what is not working.”

-Mary Riitano


Before working with Emily I used to hate social media – I thought it was the dumbest thing! But now that I understand it, I actually love it. Not only has it helped me create better relationships with people in the industry, but it has created more lively conversations with people in person as well. I have also been able to get my own press picked up, which has led to other interviews and the opportunity to spread the word about my producing projects as well.”

-Laura Nordin

Before working with Emily I had somewhat of a plan but I left a lot of it to chance. I felt that it was out of my control. She helped me get specific with my marketing and my career. Now I have a real game plan to reach my goals. I’m really glad I got to work with you and meet you and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!”

-Jay Costelo


“Using the strategies Emily teaches in Build Your Own Buzz landed me online press for my new webseries…before it was even released!”

-Sarah Ellis




If anyone is considering working with this woman, don’t think, just DO! Not only did she provide me with a wealth of information and resources, but practical, focused, life changing stuff. Thank you, Mz. Grace 🙂  My head is still buzzing with everything you shared with me.”

-Karole Forman


“I got above and beyond what I expected working with Emily on how to market myself. She helped me see some great resources that were right in front of me that I had been completely ignoring. Not only that, she made marketing simple, fun and creative.”

-Aizzah Fatima



“I’ve figured out how to sell my brand better rather than being another actor wanting a job…I feel like I have more control over getting in touch with the people I want to target myself to. I’ve picked up the phone to call offices to follow up (I was always too nervous). After taking BYOB I feel more confident about being an actor.

-Daniel Dambroff


There is a goldmine of information here! Marketing and creating a buzz for yourself can feel so daunting and overwhelming, but this broke it down into smaller, more manageable pieces, and you have access to the information forever so you can work at your own pace.

-KC White



I no longer view marketing as such a shameful thing like I used to.  There has been a TRANSFORMATION!!!  I had a previous sadness regarding my professional acting desires because I felt I would not succeed due to having to depend on people “picking me” or on good luck. Now I KNOW I am solely responsible for making what I desire happen. I feel so much more in control of my life as well.

-Chantal Mariani

27444_7cfb2“I am so thankful to have stumbled upon Emily Grace & this program about this time last year. Even if I’ve not followed her advice to the letter, the grounded direction from her seminars and the sense of support from this group has kept me climbing. Today I have an agent, have paid acting work that trickles in, and a stronger sense of self as an actor/artist/entrepreneur in this crazy industry.

-Katherine Grant-Suttie


BYOB set in motion my first web series which has since morphed into a feature.

The worksheets they get my noggin working! They also remind me what I have accomplished already in my career which can often be forgotten on this crazy journey.

 I have since started co-creating a feature with a friend. I brought in my writer who is taking our ideas and creating the dialogue for our vehicle.  BYOB helps actors take action. Keeps you focused, because it has a built-in support group. It also gets you to CREATE your own work. 

-Michanne Quinney




 Choose the best payment option:

Pay in Full $497

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3 Payments of $197

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Payments billed every 21 Days 



Legal Disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential.  Individual results will vary depending on personal effort, background, desire and motivation.  This program is in no way a guarantee of results, and client testimonials are examples of exceptional results, not a guarantee that anyone will attain similar results.