Don’t Audition Drunk – Revisited

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This week’s video is an oldie but a goodie 🙂

It’s one of the first videos I created for this blog!

And it connects to a very special announcement I have to make about a new business venture.

Want to find out what it is?

Read on!

In my actor-marketing training, I love to help actors think outside of the box.  To look beyond the conventional steps of representation, casting directors and auditions.

That’s part of the way this business works.  But I get really excited to help people look beyond that path.


Landing auditions (and being able to deliver a powerful performance) is still an important skill to master.

First have fun watching today’s video (revisited).  It’s called Don’t Audition Drunk:

And now let’s talk for serious for a minute.

Mastering the audition process is part of your job as an actor.  But if you’re not auditioning on a regular basis, it’s difficult to build that muscle.

Enter the new venture I mentioned (and I’m so excited and honored to be a part of).

It’s called Audition Gym, and it’s an incredible solution to the audition catch-22.

Audition Gym was created by Wendy Davis and Zack Sayenko.  It is the place to whip your audition muscles into shape.

You can put yourself on tape with new audition sides each week, and get powerful, direct feedback from industry professionals who know how to craft a strong audition.

And it won’t cost you an arm and a let.  In fact, it might even be less than your phone bill.

I recently joined the Audition Gym team, which means I’m helping Wendy and Zack build this company from the ground up.  We are all actors, and super passionate about helping actors create their own opportunities.

Audition Gym will help you master your audition skills without the pressure of a job on the line.  Plus, you can have your work reviewed by casting directors and representation (this doesn’t happen every week for every user, but we are building this part of the service to give every actor access).

And guess what?

You can try out the first week of Audition Gym totally free.

Click here to see what it’s all about.

I’ll still be over here at Emily Grace Productions writing my blog, offering my programs and working with one on one clients (for now).  And I’m so excited to add Audition Gym to my daily work life.

Check it out here, and if it’s for you, I look forward to seeing you post your work and start taking your auditions to a new level of awesome.

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