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now-o-clockI spent some time with a baby this weekend.   I like babies (although I’m not looking to have one anytime soon).

They have a unique perspective that we adults have long forgotten.

Everything is new.  The world is full of possibilities and wonder.  People are infinitely interesting (and worthy of love, no questions asked!).

And it’s always happening now.

Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.  Just right now.

That’s all there is.

Now O’clock.

As a grown up (or at least the age of a grown up), it’s easy to fall into the trap of visiting the past, or projecting into the future.  The only thing that can come of that habit is regret, second guessing, doubt and anxiety.

And that’s no way to live, is it?

It’s liberating to simply follow the moment. Your complete presence, right here and now, is powerful.  The most powerful acting performances are grounded in the uncertainty of the moment.  The surprise of what’s happening now (not the way you planned it out).  And it also delivers the most memorable, exciting, unforgettable life experiences.

We all have goals, to do lists, agendas we are trying to make happen. But the less attached we are, the more open we become to receive. Especially the unexpected things we couldn’t see coming.

Opportunities often come through the side door. But if you’re so focused on the front door you just might miss the opportunity that shows up.  Following the moment is the key.

I encourage my clients to be, what I like to call, “focused with flexibility.” When it comes to your acting goals, your marketing plan, or your long term vision, know where you’re heading. Have specific, tangible goals. But stay flexible enough to walk through the door that opens.

When you stay in “Now O’clock” you open yourself to the possibilities available to you right here, right now. When you’re stuck in the past or anxious about the future (or worse, trying to control everything), you miss out on the present moment. Opportunities can’t reach you in the past, and they don’t happen in the future. They are delivered to you in the now.

Breathe deep, surrender, and receive the gift of this moment.

And remember, in the words of that sage philosopher Mick Jagger,


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Leave a comment.  How do you stay in the moment when your thoughts are pulling you into the future or back to the past?  I cultivate a daily meditation practice, and whenever I catch myself out of the moment, I take a nice deep breath.  What do you do?

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Rebecca Morris May 22, 2014 at 4:03 pm

I love that ‘focused with flexibility’! It’s crucial to functioning in the moment. Thank you for that phrase! It will be added to my pantheon of mantras and allowances!
How do I stay in the moment? I have daily ‘focused playtime’, every morning I dance to one song, do my relaxation/meditation and streaming. When I get out of tune throughout the day, i stop, breathe(fresh air if possible), remind myself that nothing is more real or more important than now and it’s amazing how the world becomes more vibrant and more deeply felt after that.


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