Audition Secrets From A Series Regular

January 19, 2015

Tweet Remember me?!? It’s been a minute since I was in touch with you.  I’ve got a blog post coming out next week with more details on where I disappeared to. In the meantime, I’m back in the saddle with a powerful recommendation for you to rock this pilot season! My friend Wendy Davis has […]

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What NOT To Do – Common Sense + Agents

October 27, 2014

Tweet Well something happened in real that inspired this week’s what not to do video. It pains me to have to make this video in the first place…if I weren’t laughing so hard. I get it. When you want something so badly, the common sense flies right out the window. We’ve all been there. But this […]

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My life is perfect! (No. No it isn’t)

October 19, 2014

Tweet Last week I pulled off something I’m quite proud of.  It was a week long program called The Big Picture Summit that hosted 13 guest speakers sharing tools, tips and experience to help actors create not just a career, but a life on their own terms. If you participated (as a listener, as a […]

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Letting go of control

October 7, 2014

Tweet Hello from the desert! After exploring Joshua Tree National Park, my family headed to the spa to work out the kinks and let someone else take the reins for a bit. I’ve been crazy busy working behind the scenes to bring you something I know you are going to love (more on that in […]

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When good enough isn’t good enough

September 15, 2014

Tweet “Why am I settling for mediocrity?” I had to have this conversation with myself not too long ago.  I noticed I had gotten into a bad habit of letting the work I was doing be “good enough.” The truth is, I was being lazy. I was busy and not managing my time very well. […]

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How NOT to Audition (with Wendy Davis)

September 10, 2014

Tweet The What NOT To Do video series is back! This week’s video features the fabulous Wendy Davis. You may recognize this lovely lady from her 7 season portrayal of Col. Joan Burton on Lifetime’s Army Wives. Some of Wendy’s other work includes Criminal Minds, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, and Cold Case (just to name […]

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This makes me happy

September 2, 2014

Tweet I’m a huge advocate of creating your own content.  It’s a powerful way to showcase your talent in a way that you may not otherwise be seen. If you have an idea, there is probably an audience for it, and making your own stuff can build an audience of raving fans that follow your […]

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The truth about success

August 19, 2014

Tweet When actors come to me for help with career plan, they expect a marketing plan. A step by step list of tangible things they can do to get what they want. And I deliver that. But here’s the truth.  Client’s don’t really come to me because they need a plan. Not that the plan […]

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This word is dangerous to your career

August 13, 2014

Tweet Should. I should be further along my career (for my type, my age, my talent…) I should build up my tv credits (because my agent told me to) I should go for a commercial agent (because it’s easier than getting a legit one) I should cut my hair (because it’s a more marketable look) […]

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The downside of inspiration

August 4, 2014

Tweet A client of mine was recently bit by the bug of inspiration. Only to see that bug bite her in the ass. It’s something I’ve seen before. Not only in my clients, but also in myself. Inspiration is a beautiful thing. But there’s also a downside that can keep you as stuck as you […]

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