It’s not working

July 16, 2014

Tweet Ever feeling like you’re doing “everything right” and it’s still not working? We create to do lists for our acting goals.  Create strategies and plans.  We make check lists and mark the tasks off one by one. And yet, despite all that work, nothing happens. The results we set out to achieve aren’t manifesting. […]

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Don’t sweat the small stuff – celebrate it!

July 7, 2014

Tweet It’s been a weekend of celebration! Fireworks for the fourth, my bday on the 6th and…drum roll please… Our show got extended! Best birthday present! Woo hoo!  Yee haw! Fabulous! Happy Dance! It’s such a great day when the hard work pays off.  Big success comes from small action over a long period of […]

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How NOT to invite people to your show…

July 1, 2014

Tweet Our Fringe Festival show closed this weekend, and I’m all out of sorts. Sad face. You know the feeling. You give your soul to a project.  You make new friends, open your heart, spill your guts.  You become a family, spending nights weekends and all your spare time together in service of the show. […]

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I’m not ready

June 10, 2014

Tweet Our show opened this weekend. And I kept telling myself “I’m not ready.” I mentioned how I landed the show in last week’s blog post (no audition necessary).  But I didn’t talk about what the show actually requires. It’s called 52 Pick Up. It’s a 2-actor show that is told in 52 scenes. Like […]

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No Audition Necessary

June 3, 2014

Tweet About a month ago I was cast in a play. Without having to audition.  Or send tape, or really do anything. The part was simply offered to me. Don’t you love it when that happens? I know I do! And part of my mission as an actor-marketing coach is to help you make that […]

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Road trip!

May 27, 2014

Tweet I’ve been on a road trip for the past week (and then some)! We’ve still got some ground to cover, but I put together a little video for ya with some road trip tips. (The audio gets a little out of sync. I went with it since we’re still traveling. I know you’ll forgive […]

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Feel the fear and STOP

May 13, 2014

Tweet Wait a minute. “Feel the fear and…stop”? That’s not how the saying goes… And yet, it is a long-ingrained habit many of us suffer from. Especially when it comes to putting yourself out there as an actor. Last week I had a coaching call with a client that reminded me of how cunning this […]

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Now O’clock

May 5, 2014

Tweet I spent some time with a baby this weekend.   I like babies (although I’m not looking to have one anytime soon). They have a unique perspective that we adults have long forgotten. Everything is new.  The world is full of possibilities and wonder.  People are infinitely interesting (and worthy of love, no questions asked!). […]

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To Do Or Not To Do

April 29, 2014

Tweet I love to do lists. Seeing exactly what I need to get done down on paper helps me feel less overwhelmed, more productive, and on track. Except when it doesn’t. Sometimes the to-do list gets out of control. This mammoth beast woos you into the belief that you have been productive.  In truth you’ve […]

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Let’s keep each other stuck!

April 22, 2014

Tweet Would you hang around with a friend or colleague who offered to help you stay stuck? I hope not. But there is something to be said for the often unconscious influence of the people you hang around with the most. As an actor, or other creative-type navigating the waters of the entertainment industry, you […]

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