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If you’re ready to take your acting success into your own hands, you’ve come to the right place! I can help you master the necessary skills to get your foot in the door. We’re talking marketing, social media, persistence, follow up and more. You know, all the stuff no one ever taught you in acting class. I’ll teach you my best tools, tips and strategies to make a plan that gets results.

I’ve leveraged all my acting, producing and marketing skills into step by step on-demand programs – so you can take action anytime, anywhere.

I’m looking forward to hearing your success stories, and just let me know if you have any questions on which program is right for you!

- Emily Grace


Actors Tweet

Tweet your way to acting success

  • Are you making a bad impression on twitter without knowing it?
  • Learn to use twitter as an actor, from basic to advanced strategies
  • Stay ahead of the curve (or get left behind)
  • Create long lasting industry relationships that pay off

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Think Like a Producer, Act for a Living

Treat your career like a business

  • A basic overview to think like a producer
  • How to get out of overwhelm and into action
  • Cure your spaghetti syndrome, get super focused and get results!

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Build Your Own Buzz

From auditions to offers…and beyond

  • Why what you’ve been told about marketing is probably all wrong
  • The secret to going from auditions to offers
  • The secret sauce to a plan of action that gets career-long results

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Get the media buzzing about you

  • Learn the industry secrets to landing your own press
  • Go beyond building relationships one at a time
  • Gain instant credibility and visibility
  • Get the industry to come to you!

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Live Your Dream Telesummit 2011

A comprehensive program for actors

  • From craft to headshots to mindset
  • 14 entertainment industry insiders share their best tips
  • A comprehensive program for actors at any level

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