Silence Kills Success

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Here we are in January.  There is an excitement in the air.  An energy buzzing.  And it’s a great time of year to capitalize on the feeling of momentum.

But there’s a force out there…a dark force that is killing success.

Know what is?


How often do you talk about your goals with others?  When is the last time you asked for help?  Or are you more likely to make quiet commitments to yourself that are quickly forgotten when you get too busy, too broke, too tired, or simply too afraid to keep going?

When you keep your talent all to yourself, quietly dreaming, but never quite daring to speak up, silence starts killing your success.

I know it sounds dramatic.

It IS!

This is your life and career we’re talking about, it is very very dramatic!  The quiet promise you make to yourself is easily broken.

Because when the fear comes around (and it always does), the first instinct is to go back to where it’s comfortable and hide.

If you haven’t taken steps to counteract this universal habit, your silence will keep killing your success.

speak-upBreak the habit!

Shake things up!

Make some noise!

Speak up!

Every successful person on the planet did not become successful by quietly hoping others would take notice.  They have pushed through the fear and doubt to jump up and let the world know they are alive, and that they have something valuable to share.

So.  You wanna get some momentum going this January?  Here’s what you can do.

Get some clarity

What kind of goals are we talking here?  What specifically do you want to accomplish in the next few months?  Make some firm decisions.  Wishy-washiness or too much on the plate leads to overwhelm, and in-action.

Make a plan

What needs to happen for you to make those goals happen?  Map out a step-by-step strategy.

Take action

Knowing the plan isn’t enough (sorry).  Put that baby into action. Yee haw!

Put yourself on the hook

Talk about your goals with OTHER PEOPLE.  Ask for help.  Make some noise.  Shout it out!

Your silence doesn’t serve anybody – least of all you.  And the worst part is, when you keep all that talent and goodness to yourself, the rest of the world misses out too.

So push past your fear and make some noise.

We need you!

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Don Hinson January 24, 2014 at 9:57 am

Thank you for your comments. I have just recently retired from teaching and have been a part time actor. (Actually full time but wasn’t booking full time) I have become silent because things have changed so much, as far as so many things dealing with the internet. (Not my strong area) Not to mention that I have time to pursue my passion but not the energy. I have become silent and almost reduced to settling to mediocrity.


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