Success Stories

“The advice and tips you get as an actor in Los Angeles are all over the place,

and sometimes it’s hard to know how to communicate with other professionals in order to advance your career. Private coaching provides guidance and enables me to measure my career progress.

Since working with Emily, a short film I did is in competition at Boston International Film Festival, another one got into Cannes!

Also, I’ve been offered representation with a great manager, and still have two more meetings set up with other managers. It’s nice to have options!

All this could never have happened without all the help and guidance Emily gave me, and I am so very grateful. Thank you so so much!”

“For some reason, I did not hesitate when purchasing private coaching with Emily Grace.

My intuition told me that she had exactly what I needed and was looking for at this point in my life and career. I was right.

Although I thought I wanted coaching about turning auditions into offers, after my very first session I had a completely new mindset. I started thinking more like a producer and immediately started work on two production ideas I have had for a while. One involves myself being a coach and the other is developing a web series.

One of the things I particularly like about working with Emily is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the program to see results. After each and every session I felt like I was ready to take on the world!

I recommend private coaching with Emily because she has the gift to meet you where you are. She listens and then guides you in the right direction to achieve your specific goal. The work one does in private coaching with her is focused and personal.

Emily’s practical and life changing coaching skills have given me the confidence to take my career to the next level.
I feel re-energized, fearless and empowered to take on projects that I merely dreamed of and turn them into reality.

“When I met with Emily I was feeling really frustrated and overwhelmed

by the amount of work I wasn’t even sure i needed to be doing. After working with her I now have a solid plan and step by step instructions on how to get to the big picture. And Emily is a lot of fun!”

“I got above and beyond what I expected working with Emily on how to market myself.

She helped me see some great resources that were right in front of me that I had been completely ignoring. Not only that, she made marketing simple, fun and creative. I can’t wait to get going on the plan she helped me with.”

“Honestly, I didn’t know if I needed a career coach or not.

But I knew I wanted TV credits and I felt stuck. So I started to work with Emily and we developed a powerful strategic plan that I could follow step by step to create relationships with casting directors. I got my TV credit after only 7 weeks because I suddenly had very clear short and long term goals and a coach to keep me accountable. As an actor I highly recommend you work with Emily on a specific strategic plan for your career.”

“Emily is both a savvy marketing coach and a prescient artistic advisor. Her insight into the inner workings of my career and the myriad ways it could grow provides a focused clarity that produces incredible results. I truly have no idea how our paths initially crossed but as Emily would say, it wasn’t a coincidence.”


“I just had a really remarkable day with Emily.

she really got inside my head and got me to look at a lot of things I was struggling with – things I’d been engaging in the same way for many years – in a gracious and simplistic way that helped me breakthrough. She helped me shifi my perspective in a way that inspired me and sent off some light bulbs. I am excited and motivated and have a concrete plan of simple steps – I tend to make things too complicated. I have a great sense of relief, and know I am capable of doing this – of writing and creating my own work. And Emily helped me to facilitate that (there is a reason her name is Grace) so thank you!”

“Before working with Emily I used to hate social media – I thought it was the dumbest thing!

But now that I understand it, I actually love it. Not only has it helped me create better relationships with people in the industry, but it has created more lively conversations with people in person as well. I have also been able to get my own press picked up, which has led to other interviews and the opportunity to spread the word about my producing projects as well.”

“The biggest hesitations I had about coaching were financial, would it be worth the investment?

And also being held accountable by someone else to tasks that would really help me move forward–what if I failed or asked stupid questions? What if I couldn’t live up to expectations, mine and that of my coach?

I have experienced greater clarity and focus. I have a much better idea of what my specific goals are and what actions to take to get there. I also understand the importance of relationship building and am more excited to meet people at auditions and reach out at networking events.

Emily is such a joy to talk to! She listens well, puts things into perspective and offers wonderful advice and action steps. I cannot stress enough how much fun I have had working with Emily! She has made it easy to believe that my dreams are possible, that I have the tools necessary to make them come true. Simply put Emily Grace kicks ass!”

“My biggest hesitation was the cost.

Having experienced and done coaching before I knew it would be useful but, as many actors, it was scary to commit a large amount of money on the hopes that you would be a good/effective coach (Thankfully you were!)

I realized that I can’t do everything all the time and it doesn’t serve me. Now I have committed to making sure that I always have a specific target to be working towards which will give me a sense of purpose, achievement and forward motion.

I also appreciated the specific advice on not only the plan of action but also on what to say and how to word my approaches/follow ups and especially the meeting with the agent.

Working with Emily not only provides advice, information and guidance but someone that believes in you totally, even when you don’t believe in yourself. That is one of the most valuable assets for an actor in this rough and changeable business. Thank you!!!”

“Before working with Emily I was an “artiste” with a disdain for marketing and a stagnant career. After working with Emily, I now actually enjoy marketing and my career is flourishing. Emily is am example of laser focus in her coaching by quickly getting to the heart of what may be an obstacle and providing actions to move forward. She breaks down the actions into managible steps which eliminates the sense of overwhelm. Emily makes the process easy and fun. Since working with her I have been cast in several independent films, one of which has won a national award.”


“Emily is dedicated to passionately encourage and excite you to get the best bang for your buck.

You achieve results that advance your business so that you can focus on doing what you do best and act!

I wanted to test my marketing ideas off someone who coaches actor after actor on how to run and grow their businesses – someone who truly knows what she’s talking about in regards to this stuff.

Working with Emily helped me push myself to go ahead and achieve the results that I knew I could achieve, yet would sometimes postpone the completion of such tasks due to the excuse ‘I’m just too busy right now. I’ll do it next month.’ Do it today! With Emily’s guidance and accountability, it was easier than ever.”

“Before working with Emily I had somewhat of a plan but I left a lot of it to chance.

I felt that it was out of my control. She helped me get specific with my marketing and my career. Now I have a real game plan to reach my goals. I’m really glad I got to work with you and meet you and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!”

“Using the strategies Emily teaches landed me online press for my new webseries…before it was even released!”


“I was worried about whether it would be any different than the dozens of books I’ve read or what I’ve learned with my acting coach.

It was worth every penny. It was more than I expected.
I’m a lot more confident when it comes to networking, I’m actively creating and nurturing relationships I previously established, but without fear. I’m also self submitting daily. BYOB gave me the tools to create a healthy obsession with building my business as an actress. Since taking BYOB I feel a little like a rock star. LOL I feel like “i got this” when it comes to executing the plan.

With a plethora of information out there, BYOB breaks it down into doable portions, so that we as the actors can actively take our careers into our own hands. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall! LOL. Thank you, Emily!”

“I was hesitant because money is tight

and also that I am a bit overwhelmed by how much information I am learning through other programs.

Build Your Own Buzz has is helping with that “spaghetti syndrome” I’ve had as well as given me powerful organizational tools to stay on track. I no longer feel like I have to conquer the world…like in the next 10 minutes, and I don’t feel overwhelmed. I know what I need to do next.

I would definitely recommend BYOB. It will help keep the career momentum going. ”

“I was afraid that the advice and concepts in Build Your Own Buzz would be too general

and non-specific, and I wasn’t certain that I’d pick up the practical details that I knew I needed to set me on the right path.I feel more in charge of my career, and I feel like I have a better grip of the building blocks I need to establish the right relationships to get me in the right doors.The bonus content is great. The material is great. I’d probably say my favorite thing is that the material is ours to use forever. I feel less like the good work is mystically handed out by industry gurus, and more like I understand how a hard-working actor gets employed. Build Your Own Buzz gave me the focus I needed to figure out where, how and why to take my career. Thanks, Emily. Like, a lot.”

“Thank you so much. I feel a new sense of purpose and control over my career and aspirations. I not only have new tools to pursue my dreams, but better ability and stamina to use all that I have available to me.”


“My name is Meg and I’m an actor.

And sometimes I feel like I should be saying that in the middle of AA (“Hi Meg”). Emily, I feel like I should have done this years ago. I finally have a legitimate marketing plan. Before now I’ve been throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sitcks. Those days are OVER and I have you to thank for it!”

“Emily–wanted to tell you that after our conversation I was inspired to ask people for letters of recommendation

and got some really lovely and touching testimonials from my last producer/director, casting lady, and two a list writer/directors to include and send to agents I’m targeting. I never would have thought of it had we not spoken. Thank you!”

“I feel so excited about the plan you helped me put together today.

I have known for a while that there was more I could be doing for my career, but I just felt overwhelmed. You helped to break everything down into really easy steps. I know exactly what I’m working on and exactly what to do.”