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I’m a huge advocate of creating your own content.  It’s a powerful way to showcase your talent in a way that you may not otherwise be seen.

If you have an idea, there is probably an audience for it, and making your own stuff can build an audience of raving fans that follow your work throughout your career.

There’s an art to creating your own content.  Besides the skills required for great writing, storytelling, and shooting high quality stuff on a low-to-no budget, there is also the marketing plan.  There’s the social media strategy, audience engagement, potential for sponsorship and cross promotion, and on and on and on.

The bottom line is, a lot of strategic planning goes into a success self production.

On the other hand, there’s something to be said for creating something just for the pure fun of it.

And that’s what today’s video is for me.

roadtripshenanigansA few months ago I took a road trip with my mom.  I’ve been wanting to make it into a video because it was a great time that I want to remember.  But I kept putting it off because it isn’t “career related.”  Honestly though, sometimes that non-career related creativity is the very thing you need to fill the well.

Agenda-free creativity is the best kind.  It’s the most fun, and often the most satisfying.

So, here’s my agenda free (non-acting related – GASP) road trip video, featuring my mom.

I enjoyed making this video.  There’s no other reason that I made it.  And I hope you enjoy it too.

Hit the Road (Trip!) W/my Mom.

Want to see the route we took?  3,200+ miles!

Here’s the Randy Newman song “Short People.”

Yes, there really is a Krumsville.  Apparently it is down the road from Grimville.

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Leave a comment.  I love travel.  It gets me out of my routine and keeps me inspired, humble, grateful and present.  And making silly videos just to crack myself up is a love of mine.  What (agenda-free) action fills your well of creativity?

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joe September 5, 2014 at 10:17 am

Cool video! You’re smart to spend time with your mom.


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