When you go in for an audition, the casting director usually says something like,

“Start whenever you’re ready.”

Now every once in a while, an actor comes along who takes this phrase literally.

(Like literally literally, not figuratively literally).

Don’t be that actor!

But do have a good laugh at my expense, as I demonstrate what NOT to do in today’s video (with a special appearance by Wendy Davis).

Whenever You’re Ready

Of course you can take a beat to center yourself and connect before you plunge into the free fall of an audition.

Just leave the vocal warm ups, yoga, and shenanigans outside the room.


You nail your audition.


“Great, thanks.”

“Do you want me to do it again?”



Nothing can detract from a powerful audition performance like an awkward exit.

It’s the inspiration for today’s What NOT To Do Video.

Stay tuned to the end where I share what to do to end your audition on a simple, powerful not.

How NOT To End Your Audition

Have you ever been a reader in a casting session?  You learn so much about auditions – what works and what doesn’t.  The most powerful auditions I’ve had the privilege of sitting in on, the actors end exactly in this way.

Leave a comment.  How do you end your audition on a strong note?  Let me know what you’ve found works for you!

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